Equality is not Conformity

Equality is not the same as conformity.

Women’s rights are not supposed to make all women into men. Women are able to have children, and that difference should be celebrated, not demonized or punished.

Religious freedom is not supposed to make everyone Christian. Other religions are different and beautiful in their own ways. They should be respected. Religious freedom is not supposed to turn everyone into atheists. It is supposed to allow people to choose and live by their own form of spirituality.

Racial equality is not supposed to make everyone white. Other races, other cultures, other traditions are beautiful, and people should have the right to live by their own. They shouldn’t be punished or discriminated against for being who they are. They shouldn’t be shamed for following their own traditions.

Equality is a good thing, but it leads to conformity. People are afraid of letting other people have individualities. America is called a melting pot, as if to melt everyone together into a homogeneous soup. That is not equality.

Equality is not forcing people to conform to the usual. Equality is not forcing women to give up femininity to succeed. Equality is not forcing people to convert to Christianity so everyone can believe the same things. Equality is not forcing minorities to assimilate to white culture.

Equality is not conformity.

Equality is respect.