On Abortion

Today, in Albuquerque, there is a vote that may ban abortion after 20 weeks gestation. I had the pleasure of speaking with a few women on both sides of the issue who were campaigning on campus.

A group of women were there from stoppatriarchy.org . They are pro-choice, and they want abortion to be legal because if illegal, it will take away women’s rights. It will make women “incubators” rather than free agents allowed to make their own decisions about what happens to their bodies.

A few women were pro-life, and I was able to talk to two of them. Their stance is that woman and child should be treated equally, and neither should be subordinate to the other. The child should not be a casualty of the woman’s choice.

Talking to the pro-choice supporters, the stance was mainly on the lack of choice and the lack of rights involved in losing the ability to terminate a pregnancy. The stance of the pro-life supporters was mainly that babies are people too since the moment of conception, and that abortion is dangerous.

A few times, I brought up cases of when an abortion should be allowed, in the case that abortion would be safer than giving birth, in the case that the woman didn’t know she was pregnant until after the twenty week mark, and the response I got was “well, that doesn’t happen very much.”

If your law is cutting out a legitimate portion of the population, even if it is small, I don’t think it should be a law. I mean, imagine being the woman who finds out she is pregnant, chooses abortion, and then is not allowed to have one because she wasn’t showing early enough.

Imagine being the woman who is raped and has to see the stretch marks on her stomach reminding her of the rape every day for the rest of her life, even if she does adopt out the child.

I am personally against abortion, but the issue isn’t abortion. The issue is the law taking away women’s rights. Maybe abortion is bad and should not be happening, but a woman getting an abortion does not affect you. It affects only her and the fetus, who is using her body without permission.

A woman should not be forced to donate her body to another person. No one should be forced to allow someone else to use his or her body without wanting it. This is why there is not a law forcing people to give blood or mark the organ donation box on their drivers licenses.

This is why rape is illegal. No one is allowed to use anyone else’s body without his or her permission. If abortion is made illegal, a person will have the right to use a woman’s womb, even if the fetus is unwanted, even if it were created through rape or incest, even if it were incapable of surviving outside the womb after birth.

If fetuses are people, then a person will have the right to use a woman’s body without her permission. Women will be forced to submit to other people using their bodies. Regardless of your views on abortion, we should all think that’s wrong.

-Post-Choice Protest Me


4 thoughts on “On Abortion

  1. With regard to pregnancy from rape, I still believe that the child conceived in rape has the right to life. The injustice done to the woman is atrocious, but murdering an innocent life is even more atrocious. Why should we respond to a personal injustice by committing a graver injustice to someone else? We should respond by focusing on making sure the original perpetrator gets his due justice.

    • Yeah, but terminating the pregnancy isn’t a punishment for the child. It’s the woman’s right to decide what she wants done with her own body. That right has already been taken away in the rape. It shouldn’t be further kept from her in a forced pregnancy if she does not want to carry the child.

      • It’s definitely true that terminating the pregnancy isn’t intended to be a punishment for the child, but does intention matter? Killing is killing. And most people would agree that killing is only justified in cases of self-defense. In cases of manslaughter, the killer didn’t intend to kill, but manslaughter is still punished because the life that was taken shouldn’t have been taken.

      • People die when someone refuses to donate organs to them. That isn’t manslaughter. That’s an exercise of one’s body autonomy. It’s the same. A woman is refusing the fetus’s use of her womb.

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